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As a master technician with over 32 years in the dental industry, Jerry maintains an unmatched understanding of the progress and developments in manufacturing and creating dental solutions. Chromeworks Inc employs five additional master technicians, each with more than 28 years of experience, and 17 other highly skilled and trained technicians. Every frame that leaves the Chromeworks lab is inspected by Jerry and Debbie, always providing your clients with the best possible solution.

Chromeworks celebrated its 30th anniversary in March and we are based in a custom designed 6,500 square-foot facility located at the Chico, Municipal Airport.

Chromeworks modern building is ingenious and is equipped with state of the art manufacturing systems. All of our work stations are positioned for circular flow of product development, allowing work-in-process to be passed efficiently and safely between technicians. Advanced and custom material handling equipment developed by Jerry and his engineers allow heavy bags of mold investment to be poured directly into large hoppers with great ease. Self-filling sinks designed by Robinson eliminate handling errors at critical manufacturing stages. Systems maintain cooling of molds at 41 degrees, which saves time and expense. Robinson reports that the Chomeworks method of water-cooling molds reduces the time it takes in the curing process from 45 minutes to just 21 minutes and dramatically improves the ultimate quality and fit of the appliance.

Chromeworks facility operates mostly with solar energy, and banks enough surplus to power it during the cooler months. Its modern state-of-the-art facility continues to grow as a leading manufacturer of dental solutions. We are expanding to meet the needs of our growing list of dental lab clients and affiliates. Robinson states “With the high attrition rate of dental labs all over the country due to many factors, and our leading national reputation, the company expects to continue its organized growth and technical leadership well into the future.”

“We’re definitely proud of our manufacturing team, and expect to hire additional highly skilled technicians as we service all of our current and future clients.” For more information on why Chromeworks Inc is the partner you must have as you expand your dental lab, contact us today. All products proudly made in the USA.

(530) 343-2278
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