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We make these when substantial or "permanent" retention is required for patients with epilepsy or other spasm or motor-control ailments. They prevent the dislodgment of the denture during a seizure.

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Bredent VKS

We like the Brendent VKG-SG system, available at http://www.xpdent.com/catalogs/bredent/attachments/vks-sg-attachment.aspx?sm=b_a This seems to be the best out there for simplicity and accuracy. Too many improvements over other attachments to list all. Please call us to discuss this outstanding attachment for your application

Sterngolds ERA. Still around and very popular. http://www.sterngold.com/Sterngold/attachments/product.aspx?pId=811115. Note, watch the occlusal height.


Preats Locator System. Probably the best overall overdenture attachment out there.http://www.preat.com/loccomp.htm Be carefull of interchanging Implants Directs copy called GPS.  The metal housings are pink and although the GPS attachment fits on the locator abbutment, it will not fit the Preat Locator housing (titanium color)

Sternlatch and Keyway types. These work great if you like rigid attachments.http://www.sterngold.com/Sterngold/attachments/product.aspx?pId=802010  We see less of these every day, however, as the nylon types are simpler and more serviceable in the future.





Rotational Partials

  • 2-parts
  • Obturrators
  • Milled frames
  • Palatal lifts


We make only the best quality gold frameworks using high content type four gold with more than 65% gold content and a minimum of 70% precious metals. Excellent for metal allergies, we also have gold without copper.

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Swing-Lock Type

We make many of the conventional metal swinglock-types, but consider trying the Resin Labial Bar. This is a permanent, flexible alternative to the unattractive metal swing bar and can be made in any of 18 vita shades or two shades of pink as if to "replace" the recessed gingival tissue. Labial bars replace bulky, un-aesthetic metal swing-lock type bars. We make these in many configurations depending on the application so call us to discuss this fantastic appliance.

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Hinges are an effective and inexpensive way to relieve stress on weak abutment teeth. We only use the best Western Dental Research SE hinge.

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