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Lab Brokers USA

NAIBB Principle Member

Our Services: Profiling and brokerage services for dental lab sellers and buyers.

Are you an experienced lab owner and wish to expand  through acquisition or are you entering retirement or seek to sell your business. Contact Lab Brokers USA for a confidential fact finding discussion.

Our business is profiling, listing and selling Dental Labs. The best business for sale situations are not advertised, contact Lab Brokers USA today.

Principal Member of the National Association of Independent Business Brokers NAIBB. All communications with Lab Brokers USA are confidential. Please give us your name and contact numbers and we will arrange a fact finding discussion with you about the process of buying or profiling and selling a dental lab.

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Dental Lab Group Rate Background Screening Program

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Toll Free: (866) 765-0592 ext.302
Fax: (530) 341-0036

Discount background screening, drug testing and risk management services available at nationally discounted rates through our National Affiliate Program.

To learn more about this service, please go to: CoeusGlobal.com/cw_affiliate.html.

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Northern California Dental Labs, get a free Pro IT analysis of your office technology

Pro IT
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Toll Free: 1-800-990-6899
email: helpdesk@rmcproit.com

The Pro IT Free Dental Lab Office Equipment Technology Analysis.

Northern California, Southern Nevada, Southern Oregon. We offer a FREE analysis of your business equipment, document copying, systems data security and backup so that you can discover where your business can be saving money. Only a technology pro at RMC ProIT can present this free analysis.

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FREE Legal Fact sheets, Northern California Legal Resource

Berg & Associates

"In a legal battle, choose your weapon carefully."

As we all go through life we make mistakes, sometimes small mistakes sometimes big mistakes and sometimes a person gets falsely accused and needs serious legal help. Get free Bergslaw fact sheets at Eric Alan Berg and Associates.

Free Fact Sheets on Legal Issues!

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