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Jerry Robinson

Founder & Chief Dental Technician

Jerry Robinson, CDT, is founder and owner of Chromeworks, Inc. and chromeworksinc.com. A father of four, he also enjoys coaching inline hockey, flying, and playing lead guitar/vocals for a classic rock band.

As a master technician with over 32 years in the dental industry, Jerry maintains an unmatched understanding of the progress and developments in manufacturing and creating dental solutions. Chromeworks Inc. employs five additional master technicians, each with more than 30 years of experience, and 20 other highly skilled and trained technicians. Every frame that leaves the Chromeworks lab is inspected by Jerry and Debbie, always providing your clients with the best possible solution.

Debbie Garcia

General Manager



In 2006, Chromeworks hired Debbie Garcia, a former Chrome Laboratory owner, as General Manager and Production Supervisor at its facility in Chico, CA. Debbie's extensive background began in 1976 as an on the job apprentice and her thirst for growth and development soon paved the road for advancement both as a personable and knowledgeable technician. Her technical skills and reputation as a “people person” began to propel her into positions of responsibility in management as well as the “go to” person at the bench. Debbie understands fully the need for exceptional work done in a timely fashion and facilitates work flow to meet that need on a daily basis. Debbie has a great understanding of the difficulties labs face in serving accounts. She is someone you can rely on.

Debbie does all evaluations and reviews at Chromeworks for over 20 employees so she is well informed of each technicians area and level of expertise. She provides opportunities and encouragement on an individual basis for growth and development on a regular schedule, so our clients receive the most technically sound and up to date frameworks and appliances available anywhere.

As Quality Control Advocate with owner Jerry Robinson C.D.T., there are no better hands nor eyes to inspect the fine details of craftsmanship before your cases are shipped, and her phone line is always open to answer any and all questions regarding each case.

Be Vue

Chromeworks Case Supervisor


When you first enter our facility at Chromeworks Inc, you will be greeted by friendly Be Vue. He’s the one with the great smile and can find whatever case or technician your looking for in the facility.

Born in Colorado and raised in Fresno CA, Be attended Fresno Community College and is a perfect compliment to the hardwork, dedication and quality Chromeworks is known for. Be brings Organizational, Photographic, Data Input and Service skills to Chromeworks. Be supervises Customer Service, shipping and receiving and Billing.

Be is a Freelance Photographer and rumor has it his Culinary skills are of “The 4th Kind" 

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